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Fundraising has been a crucial aspect in the life of Newburgh Christian School since it was founded.
Local support has enabled NCS to continue to provide a solid education for  our areas children.

By visiting this page, you can find out about ways to continue to support the school. Information regarding our current and ongoing fundraising efforts,
as well as receive the most update-to-date announcements about a particular fundraiser will be available to you on a regular basis.

It is our hope that this webpage can be used as a tool, not only for our school families but also for the local community,
to pass along essential fundraising and support information that everyone can get involved in.

Current Fundraising opportunities include:

Casey's Pizza              www.casey's.com
Buy a large pizza at Casey's. Donate the $3 coupon from the box, and the $3 goes to the school

Schnuck's Rewards      www.schnucksrewards.com
Use Schnucks rewards car when purchasing groceries. Register the card to benefit Newburgh Christian School. A percentage of the purchase cost goes to newburgh Christian school.

Box Tops                       www.boxtops4education.com       
Clip boxtops from products you purchase at the store. Points are used to purchase items for the school.

Labels for Education     www.labelsforeducation.com
Clip product UPCs , and turn them into the school. Points are used to purchase items for the school.

My Coke Rewards        www.mycokerewards.com
Collect coke product caps. Donate the cap points to the school