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Tuition and Fees 2018-2019

Enrollment per Child: due upon enrollment $125.00  (non-refundable)
        Early enrollment    $100    (Prior to May 1st)

Book Fees: due July 1st
         Kindergarten (4)                     $150.00
         Kindergarten (5)                     $180.00
        Elementary                             $350.00
          Middle School                         $350.00
        High School                            $350.00
Tuition: first payment  August
          Kindergarten (4 - Full Day)     $4550.00
          Kindergarten (5)                        $4550.00
          1st—6th grades                           $4850.00
          7th—12th grades                        $5250.00
Multiple Child Discount:
          1st child  - full pay of oldest
          2nd child - 85% of total tuition of the two students
          3rd child  - 70% of total tuition of the three students
          4th (or more) -  60% of total tuition of the four (+) students
          Example for two students:
             (1st grader <$4,850> and 8th grader <$5,250> totals $10,100 for the first year:
             with the tuition discount for two children, the year total will be $8,585.)


Our yearly tuition and fees are significantly less than all other schools in the area.
We appreciate our donors, volunteers, and parents who help to keep our tuition low.